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Welcome to the CyberCity 2000

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CC2k is one of the oldest privately funded sites on the web. Founded in 1998 by a group of computer hobbyists with a concern for preserving a place on the internet where commercialism was not the primary concern.

Over the past 10 years the parent site had become cluttered and hard to navigate due to the sheer volume of topics it tried to encompass. CyberCity 2000 and its satellite sites have been constructed to disperse the many useful features of Manta-2000 into smaller more easily navigated pages.
Along with easier to navigate sections we are also doing section by section remodeling of the more popular features.
Some long standing areas such as Just For Kids which showcases games and online audio story books will not only be getting a face lift but we are adding even more books and original online games.
The renovations at the research center will incorporate new dynamic technologies to help supply visitors and students one stop access to encyclopedias, publications and information resources that cover a plethora of topics including direct links to CalTec, government research facilities and offices, and other information repositories.
We will be launching our new voice chat servers and interface this month which will feature a unique spam filter to help restore privacy to your email. The filters are 100% in the hands of the email owner and will afford the privacy we have all been denied for so long.
Another project which is now online and growing by leaps and bounds is the Internet Mall. We have assembled thousands of items from hundreds of major retailers all under the same roof and all are easily searchable from one handy location. will feature homes for sale as well as great features to help both home buyers and home owners purchase and market properties world wide.
Other sections of CyberCity 2000 that are under way are a great new social networking site.

At CC2k we have always tried to keep web surfing in the hands of the user and not in the hands of the advertiser. Our policy of privacy and control has remained uncompromising throughout our 10 year history and will continue to do so. We do not sell your personal information, we do not share your personal information, we do not exploit your personal information.
The creators of CC2k were here before it was called the internet and we believe that there should be a place on the web where people can go to keep control of there privacy and to that end we have dedicate more that 10 years of hard work and labored lovingly to bring what we feel is an island in a sea of commercialism free from popup ads and free from unwanted spam.

PS: The site is undergoing some remodeling still, but it will be worth it.

Thanks for taking the time to visit!